5 Hacks to help Your Makeup Last Longer in summers

As women our biggest guilty pleasure is collecting tons and tons of makeup. Wearing a full face of makeup requires precision and can easily take up an hour or more. However, once you step outside on a hot summer day, it can easily go downhill. Sweat can make it move around, or worse slide it down and make you look disfigured.

So here are our 5 nifty tips and tricks that will help you stay looking picture perfect.

Start off with a Primer


As a golden rule, always start your makeup by slathering on a thin layer of top quality primer. This makes pores appear minimum, prevents makeup from seeping in and helps it appear much more prominent and even.

Dust on Some Powder


Once you have applied liquid products like concealer and foundation you must go over it with powder to lock it in place.  Use a translucent setting powder sparingly, especially on the T-zone and anywhere you tend to get oily.

Set it with Spray

setting spray

This is by far the key step in sealing your makeup in place. Get a good quality setting spray to ensure it does not budge.

Waterproof Mascara


If you plan on staying out for hours, then this is a necessity. It will not move whether you rub your eyes, laugh or cry for endless hours.



Add everything you apply on your face in thin layers. Build up product as you go along, this way chances of messing up minimize and your desired look feels lighter and stays put for longer.

We hope these tips help you improve your technique and keep you looking prim all day. You can buy products mentioned in our blog post from Yayvo. If you use them, leave us a comment below letting us know if it worked for you.

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Ali Silat