5 Eyeliner Hacks for Women on the Go

Eyeliner really amps up the power of your makeup and accentuates your best facial features. Women love to apply eyeliner, even if they have a love to hate relationship with makeup.

Mastering the art of applying a perfect eyeliner takes substantial time and patience. We know most of you still struggle with this. Here are some eyeliner hacks and tricks that will give you unbelievably beautiful eyes with absolute ease.

1. Follow the Eye line

All you need to do is follow the eye line. Here’s how you do it.


2. Hairpin Hack

Use a hairpin to perfect your winged eyeliner.

3. Business Card Hack

Eyeliner Business Card Hack

Freehand drawing can be daunting, try using a business card as a guide for the perfect flick. It’s simply and works like magic!

4. Dot to Dot

Eyeliner dots

Simply make several small dots of the same size and connect them. This will give you precision and accuracy that will leave you with the perfect cat eye, every time.

5. The Q-Tip Quick Fix

Eyeliner Qtip

Remember that saying, if at first you don’t succeed try again? Well, this hack is just that! Line as you would and when you mess up, apply some petroleum jelly or clear lip gloss to a cotton swab and go over the messy edges. If it still doesn’t fix then apply some eye shadow and blend it out for a smokey effect.

When all else fails don’t get sad, instead practice! Try these tips at home first to master them, then when you see an improvement flaunt it every day.

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Nargis Kalani