5 Cultural Products that are the Pride of Pakistan

Every citizen holds a personal pride for their country that upholds its significance and the achievements of people residing in that country. For Pakistanis it is no different as they are quite passionate about their country. They love spreading their amazing skill sets, feats and accomplishments. Instead of transitioning to other worldly cultures, Pakistan has its own culture that is rich and vibrant among the community to this day that adheres to its values.
This resolve has led to Pakistanis shaping that same culture into their products that are 100% original and made in Pakistan. Not only they are popular amongst the people of this country, but those products are revered by people all over the world. They covet the incredible style and finesse that Pakistanis bring to the table. Here are best five cultural products that make us proud to be Pakistani.

Kolhapuri & Slippers


Khussas formally known as “mojari and jutti” is regarded as one of the finest and best quality.Now they are more termed as “Kolhapuri”because of their stitching and handmade embroidery. But one thing that makes them stand out from the competition is the customization which accentuates customer to purchase and look more elegant. Khussas or Kolhapuri truly symbolize our cultural diversity and ethnicity. Events like eid, barat and mehendi are incomplete without these crafty footwear.

Waistcoats – The Traditional Wear


The waistcoats are considered as true gentleman item that sets a high standard for men wear. Even a plain waistcoat portrays nobility and civility. The velvet ones are the best – soft material that invokes a color shine to stun the viewer in first glance. It may be old fashioned but it is pure gold and the hottest thing for weddings.

Rugs & Cushions

This is where the cultural style really shines…. They are the rugs, mats and cushions that are both a decorative and essential item that makes a house feel proper. They are covered with the finest quality spectrum of colors that overlap and dance, yet still showing the softest touch possible. When it comes to basic house items, they are perfect for placement anywhere and take ones breath away once they set their eyes upon it.

Rallis & Bedsheets


Rallis are actually the pride of Sindhis, being sewn by women for generations and has just yet started to gain the international community’s attention. It is part of the Sindhi culture and tradition to make these dazzling covers to express their cultural pride. Now, they are woven on quilts and bed-sheets with alluring patterns.

Desi Food


Along with wonderful clothing, songs, dance, shoes “FOOD “is also considered as an important and integral part of our cultural identity. Either it is Italian, American, desi or French it is must to add Pakistani tarka into it to make it more tempting and delicious. One’s appetite is incomplete without delightful halwa and desi tea.

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Sara Rafiq