5 Convincing New Features for Updating to Apple iOS10

The WWDC landed its biggest punch on Monday when they announced the coming of the new iOS10 operating system for Apple gadgets and devices.  Although there were other technical and development related news on that prestigious platform on Monday 13th June, the iOS10 became the center of everyone’s attention. Too bad it will not work on the old iPhone 4S and iPads; good news that it will definitely be a part of new Apple iPhone. Apple uploaded this bad boy with impressive original and creative features that are either extremely helpful or just entertaining and fun to use.

Messaging – Animations & Emoji’s


It’s time to tap your fingers to a new beat when messaging on your iPhone. Don’t just place the animations and emoji’s; replace them with words to express your feelings. Plus, it’s just plain fun to shorten the messages and make the more personal and intricate. It certainly is a new and enjoyable way of conversation that will no doubt be tested by the hardcore Apple fans.

Apps Been Revamped – Map, Music & News


This operating system has not simply upgraded the basic applications with a new theme or display. They have completely overhauled three major applications: Map, Music & News now boast of special features that are useful in different areas and fields.

Map: Let the Map make your route more suitable with ample suggestions on the most probable interesting locations that you can visit.

Music: Why dance to the music when you can feel the music? Every track will come with a set of lyrics that will make this pastime more fun and refreshing than ever.

News: iOS10 is all about suggestive programming; giving new editor picks and subscriber recommendations based on your recent interests.

Camera Snapshots – Raw Photos & Face Tracking


This feature is a scintillating one for photographers and camera addicts as they can actually upload raw photos into their Apple devices using iOS10. Make sure the photos are a perfect color and pixel combination than ever before with this raw photo support setup that is applicable through the rear camera (so far as we know of). Whilst you are setting up your Photos App, use the face recognition software to find out some photos that you either lost or are having a hard time locating. It’s simple, easy and spares the time; iOS10 helps you keep the special memories close to your heart.

Apple Pay Rolls onto Desktop Computers


The world of internet banking just shook to the core with the new Apple Pay update. From iPhones and watches, it has now rolled into the desktop computers. Simply passing the devices past the computer screen will take care of those piling bills in a jiffy. This update is already released and ongoing in several major countries and is about to hit on more.

Siri Update – Third Party Expansion


We have all heard how irritating Siri can be sometimes. But now that it has become open to developers with full time compatibility, this has brought it back to the spotlight. Siri can now be employed with third party applications that expand its network and usage to whole different level. Book a ride or search a photo; every order is manageable now through Siri.

There you have it…. five features that have unlocked new forms of technology usage tactics that will certainly appeal to Apple fans.

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Ali Silat