4 Things Every Pakistani Wants In a Smartphone

The youth population of Pakistani is bubbling with the activity of smartphones. Kids in Pakistan actually consider mobile phones as their token to manhood. No matter where you go, there is definitely a man or woman in very lane that is discussing something about smartphones or showing off their latest device to a bunch of spectators. But as always, we Pakistanis are never satisfied with them and always consider buying a new one in a month or so. It is in our nature to move on to the next and latest when it comes to smartphones.

What Do Pakistanis Want in Their Smartphone?


No matter how many features are added to the list, guys in Pakistan will always find out a flaw or error that would be the ultimate signal of looking for a new smartphone. Still, there are a lot of complaints that have some logical reasoning behind them. Overall, there are four things that every Pakistani desires to be included in their mobile devices after which they would never resort to purchasing another one.

Smartphones Should be Cheap & Inexpensive


Even though Pakistanis crave for mobile phones and smartphones, they are stopped by the prospect of losing a lot of money over a dud phone. So this is their demand: cheap and low cost on mobile phone prices in Pakistan. The reasons why most opt for a local smartphone brand like QMobile & Oppo rather than a major international like Apple or Samsung is based simply on their decreased prices rates.

Smartphones Should Charge Very Fast


When Pakistanis start using their phones, the only thing that stops them from playing with it is the dead battery sign. Then frustration kicks in that asks a simple question: why can’t there be a fast charging system. Even if they get lucky to find one that charges at maximum speed, the battery decreases at twice that rate, especially if you are using 3G… It’s not a very comforting prospect that Pakistanis like.

Smartphones Should Have Massive Storage


And they are not talking just about the internal storage here… they are talking about SD cards, memory cards and other miniature devices that increases the storage life of smartphones. However, very few cheap smartphones can boast of such a feature therefore it’s definitely off the table for the majority of Pakistanis.

Smartphones Should Have Permanent Ad Block


It’s bad enough that the smartphone has low battery & small storage capacity; now, they are taking time to load every page due to the number of ads placed on it. Over 10 million smartphone users deploy an ad block application to ensure that their data limits are utilized in the right way thereby saving money and phone credits. Pretty sure all of them would vote for a permanent close down on advertisements on smartphones until further notice.

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Ali Silat