3 Disappointing Box Office Summer Movie Sequels 2016

Summer is known as the time when all the best high budgeted movies make their release on the big screens. So far, only Captain America: Civil War has been successful in captivating audience and cashing in on their release. Other movies have so far bombed and underwhelmed the fans for not offering too much as they showed in their respective movie trailers. The main superhero movies have left the box office for now and other movies are only filling up the vacuum.

Sequel Domination on Box Office


There are a number of movie sequels that are solely to blame for the disappointing lackluster at the box office. These sequels have a few things in common; poor plot, a deflated story line and a hype marketing strategy that amped up the fans expectations to which they did not deliver. There is a trio that is on top of the box office list albeit with small numbers compared to what their previous movies took.

Alice through the Looking Glass


It seems that the flopping curse has still not left Johnny Depp. Alice in Wonderland flopped on the box office in 2010 and that has continued up to its sequel release that only managed to spoon up 30 million internationally. The spike is likely to drop for the movie has not appealed to the fans at all as they are looking for summer fighting movies rather than a remake of an old children’s book.

X-Men: Apocalypse


Well, it’s not as if the fighting movies are doing any good … Once again, Bryan Singer put together a disaster of a movie to keep the X-Men money mill floating. Despite good actors taking their skill set to the next level, the X-Men movies have gone for far too long and not even a good storyline can save it from its depleting numbers at the Box Office. Plus: they always show the entire movie in the trailers and TV spots.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Although the Ninja Turtles sequel has gotten better reviews this time around, it has still not gotten to the profit point its predecessor movie did. The movie can be summed up into three words: action, action and more action…..and comedy. It is the same transformer movie setup and has Michael Bay’s fingerprints all over it. So far it has only gotten 35 million dollar that is hugely substandard considering the budget they put.

Overall, not a good weekend at the box office…. Hopefully, Independence Day Resurgence and Finding Dory will turn this sequel train around!!

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Ali Silat